For those traveling by air the Geranio is located 70km from Cagliari Airport and is easily accessible through the State Roads 554 and 125. Instead, those traveling by car can disembark at Olbia or Porto Torres, respectively 250 km from Costa Rei, through the SS131 and SS125, and 290km, through the E25.


Costa Rei, classified by Lonely Planet among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, extends from Capo Ferrato to Cala Sinzias: twelve enchanting miles of fine white sand, interrupted by some rocky spurs that create suggestive bays. Portu Pirastu, Santa Giusta, Monte Turnu, Cala Marina, Cala Pira and a little further south the beach of Punta Molentis, are places with incredible sea - reflections and pristine and crystalline waters, where you can see the jagged silhouette of the island of Serpentara. Costa Rei is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Sardinian east coast, framed and protected by the mistral wind from “Monte dei Sette Fratelli”, a granite plateau covered with Mediterranean vegetation that often reaches the sea. Costa Rei is Sardinia that you do not expect, the less worldly, but no less suggestive, able to enchant with the bright colors of its sea and its pristine vegetation, an authentic paradise for those who love the sun, the sea and the long walks on the beach. The Geranio is perfectly inserted in this landscape and its guests can enjoy all the beauty: what is more beautiful than a walk to the nearby beach of “Scoglio di Peppino”, a granite rock in the shape of a whale that stretches into the sea ? Costa Rei and Geranio offer you all this!